Putrajaya Map

Putrajaya Map

Minyak Angin Aromatherapy. Sham: 017-2135663

Minyak Angin Aromatherapy. Sham: 017-2135663

Monday, November 5, 2007

Putra Bridge

Putra Bridge is the main bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It is analogous to Khaju Bridge in Esfahan, Iran. With a span of 435 metres, this bridge connects the Government Precinct to the Mixed Development Precinct and links Putra Square with the Boulevard.

The upper level of the Bridge forms part of the Boulevard. This huge three-deck bridge provides vehicle, monorail and pedestrian access. Besides providing the link between Precinct 1 and Precinct 2 on the Core Island, it has been designed to be a special feature of Putrajaya. The piers also accommodate fine dining restaurants within its main pillar supports.

Putra Mosque

The Putra Mosque, or Masjid Putra in Malay language, is the principal mosque of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Construction of the mosque began in 1997 and was completed two years later. It is located next to Perdana Putra which houses the Malaysian Prime Minister's office and man-made Putrajaya Lake. In front of the mosque is a large square with flagpoles flying Malaysian states' flags.

Perdana Putra

The Perdana Putra in PutrajayaThe Perdana Putra is a building complex in Putrajaya which houses the Malaysian Prime Minister office complex. Located on the main hill in Putrajaya, it has become synonym with the Malaysian executive arm.

Construction began in 1997 and was completed in early 1999. The building was first occupied in April 1999 after all sections of the Prime Minister Department moved from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya.

The structural design is influenced by Malay, Islamic and European cultures as such Palladian and Neoclassicism. It was designed by aQidea Architect (Ahmad Rozi Abd Wahab being the principal architect) with an inspiration from the former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.

These are the main rooms and halls in the interior layout of Perdana Putra.

-Prime Minister's office
-Deputy Prime Minister office
-Small Meeting Hall
-Large Meeting Hall
-View point
-Delegation room
-VIP room
-VIP banquet hall
-National Security Division office
-National Economic Action Council office

Getting to Putrajaya

By plane

A coupon or metered budget taxi to or from KLIA will cost around RM60. Alternatively, you can take the KLIA Transit from the airport to Putrajaya station and transfer to a taxi.

By train

For public transport the fastest choice is the KLIA Transit connecting Kuala Lumpur's Sentral train station to its airport, which stops halfway in between at Putrajaya. Trains run every 30 minutes, take 20 minutes and the list price is RM 9.50 one-way, but the RM15 Putrajaya return ticket (valid for one month) is better value.

Note: KLIA Ekspres services do not stop at Putrajaya.

By taxi

Coupon taxis from Kuala Lumpur's KL Sentral cost a fixed RM35, but otherwise you'll have to try out your bargaining skills - figure on RM30-50, and expect to pay more at night. From KLIA a direct taxi to anywhere in Putrajaya costs RM58.10 (budget).

By bus

Bus service is provided from 6:30am until 10pm to and from Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Serdang commuter station and Sinar Kota in Kuala Lumpur. The bus fare for one-way is around RM 3.50 and takes about 30 minutes-one hour, depends on the traffic flow. Usually, on non-working days the time the buses take to arrive at Putrajaya will be much faster, but the frequency of the buses will be accordingly reduced.

The new Express network by Rapid KL links KL Sentral to Putrajaya with only RM 4 for an unlimited daily pass.

Putrajaya Summary

YOU would be surprised what you can find in the Governmen's administrative centre in Putrajaya. The third Federal Territory of Malaysia and named after Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Putrajaya holds many interesting fare - ranging from its beautiful landmark buildings to its parks and boulevards. Located about 45 minutes' drive south of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is well connected by a fine system of roads and highways. It is approachable from Kuala Lumpur via the North South Expressway. Among landmarks you can find here are the Putrajaya Mosque, the Prime Minister's Office Complex, the main square and various bridges. However, did you know that the parks in Putrajaya too are very popular among locals? One of the attractions in Putrajaya is the wetlands located Precint 13. If you are coming here, you can't miss it as the local authority has put up various signboards to guide you here.

So, what's interesting about Putrajaya Wetlands? Well, on the lake, recreational activities are allowed. These include fishing and boating, and if you are game, there is a guided boat tour, too. For anglers, you may fish for a fee. There is a canteen here and bathing facilities as well. This park is highly popular among health buffs in the mornings and during weekends, picnickers throng its surroundings. Pergolas are available if you want to have a shaded picnic with tables and benches. Otherwise, plenty of trees offer a cool respite from the tropical heat. Not far away from the Putrajaya Wetlands is the Wetlands Park. This is sort of a small nature park with its collection of flora and fauna indigenous to Malaysia. Entrance to the park is free. Guided tours are available for a small fee. Birdwatchers can rent binoculars here at only RM4 (USD 1.60 thereabouts) an hour.

Best time to visit the park is in the morning when the animals such as iguanas, tree shrews, yellow-breasted sunbirds, starlings and cowells are active. You may also enjoy the fragrances of the wild flowers and ginger plants as the scents are strongest at between 9am to 10am. There is also a toilet facility, a small handicraft centre and a watch tower here. Check out the latter and see what is over the horizon...

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Putrajaya, a planned city located just south of Kuala Lumpur, is the new federal administrative centre of Malaysia. Several Government offices have re-located there to gain relief from the overcrowding and congestion of Kuala Lumpur which is Malaysia's largest city. However, Kuala Lumpur still serves as Malaysia's national and legislative capital for now. Putrajaya is a Federal Territory just like the city of Kuala Lumpur and the island of Labuan.

The city is named after the first Malaysian Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. In Bahasa Melayu, the Sanskrit-derived words "Putra" means prince while "Jaya" means excellent or success.

The city has only been established recently and it is still undergoing massive development: its development was hampered by the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

The city is built on a scale completely disproportionate to its current population, with a number of bridges spanning an artificial lake, Putrajaya Lake.

Although Malaysia is multi-ethnic with Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian groups, the architecture in Putrajaya is predominantly (some would say excessively) modern Arabic in style. There have been calls for more traditional or even modern Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western architectural elements in some sectors of the city to make it less like a modern Gulf capital. Some people have suggested it might have its own "Chinatown" and "Little India" for added flavour.

To the west is Cyberjaya, a cybercity, also located within the Multimedia Super Corridor, which is situated between Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Some have suggested Disneyland Malaysia or another theme park could one day be built here.